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Want a good workout, practice yoga and meditation but struggle to find the time?

Level up your yoga with Grace

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Power Vinyasa


Complete physical, mindfulness and breath practice that enables & sustains your fabulous life

Get ready to flow and breathe with alignment-based, intelligently sequenced classes that will leave you feeling strong, flexible, and centered. And if you're interested in nailing arm balances and inversions, we'll work towards that goal together. But most importantly, you'll develop the tools to handle life's ups and downs with grace and live your healthiest, most vibrant life - because that's where your true power lies.

Classes are small, vigorous, and tailored to the collective souls at that time. While they are suitable for all levels, you will have a better experience if you have had at least 20 Vinyasa classes before joining for the first time. Overtime, you can expect this blend of yoga practice to replace your gym membership and you'll find yourself more capable in navigating life's curve balls.

I usually begin class with a quick check-in to see where you are physically and emotionally and modify my class plan to suit your needs. We'll end with a guided meditation post savasana.

Join me on zoom with video ON

Saturdays 9 am - 10:30 am PDT

$20 thereafter  

I also offer private in-person or online sessions

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"Grace Law is an awesome instructor. What most distinguishes Grace as a teacher, on top of her mastery of yoga sequencing, is her joy. Smiling, laughing, always self-effacing and ready to crack a joke at her expense, she disarms us, encourages light-hearted self-challenging postures by her example and reminds us how fun yoga can be. I also love her practice of, when appropriate, previewing / demonstrating all the easy, medium and hard pose options before we dive in. When I get out of Grace's class I have a smile on my face, a little more muscle and lubrication in my joints." 

Chris L, Berkeley, CA

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My Yoga Journey

Yoga found me at the gym in 2000 when I was a Type A achiever, building tech companies and ticking off my bucket list. After just three months of practice, my chronic back pain disappeared, my stress and anxiety melted away, and I finally learned to exhale. That's when I knew I had to make yoga a regular part of my life. Years later, when my job, relationship, and home crumbled around me, yoga gave me the clarity and gumption to make the necessary changes. From that moment on, I've been a voracious student. Why did yoga work when so many therapies and treatments failed? How can we release trauma from our bodies and minds? How can we leverage the practice to live our best life? These questions have fueled me for the last 10 years. Now, at an age when many of my peers struggle with pain and health issues, I am grateful that yoga has kept me healthy and active. I can eat whatever I want and stay lean, pick up snowboarding and rock climbing with ease. Every day, I wake up feeling more love, joy, and peace. I know I'm on the right path and I feel blessed witnessing the glow on people's faces after my yoga classes. Teaching since 2015, my classes are fun, challenging, breath-based, alignment-focused, and intelligently sequenced. They are a blend of wisdom from a variety of lineages: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Parayoga, Kundalini, and more. They are homage to the many great teachers who have guided me on this journey, including Rusty Wells, Jillian Glikbarg, Jonathan Rickart, Noah Maze, Kia Miller, and many more. They also include wisdom from bodywork and spiritual teachings. My intention is to bring you home to your body so that you can power and sustain your fabulous life. I look forward to meeting you where you are and guiding you toward a healthier and happier you.

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