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Are body pain and restrictions 
adding stress and anxiety? 

Want to perform at a higher level in life?

  • Sitting in front of the computer too much 
  • Over-extending in sports
  • Dealing with past injuries 
Feel Renew.  Lighter Mentally.  More capable in your body.  Because you can.
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Jack B, Dr of Chiropractic

"I have experienced numerous therapists and can highly recommend Grace without reservation. She has great hands, terrific intuition, and a caring nature that assures a fantastic experience. Her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to use various techniques to address issues makes her stand out."

Todd C, Head of Security

"My chiropractor, who also does a lot of active releases, recommends that I get massages from Grace. I only wish I have started earlier. I have traumatic work-related injuries that left me on disability several years ago. Grace's techniques are effective in releasing new and chronic tensions. More importantly, I always walk away feeling lighter, happier, like I can move through life with more flow and ease."

David H, CEO of a tech startup

"My regular therapist is also the top 5 therapists my friend, founder of Organify in the fitness/health industry has ever experienced. She is really good but honestly, I think I liked yours even better -- you've got a real gift, I look forward to booking another massage when I visit the SF Bay Area."

Gina M, Diversity Project Leader & Advisor

"I call Grace my curandera massage therapist, meaning that she has that healer insight that can help me with both mind/body. Because all of this is interrelated -- and the body keeps score -- I love that she can go deep to help me uncover some root causes of those ailments that I sometimes allow to come up in my body. Gracias, Grace"

Massage that lets you GoShine - Today!

Deep | Nourishing | Therapeutic
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It's time to upgrade your self-care with a spa/therapeutic massage that nourishes your soul too.

Drawing from my deep immersion at Esalen Institute, a retreat center dedicated to elevating human potential, my intention is to help you release physical pain, find harmony with your body, mind, and spirit so that love, joy, and peace become integral to your way of life.


Each 75, 90 or 120 minutes massage is customized to your soul’s yearning, a vacation for your body and mind.​


Through an artful combination of Esalen Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Stretching, Breath, and Energy Healing techniques, you'll find your tension released, mobility increased, your mind relaxed and your energy aligned.

You deserve it!
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BOOK NOW to unwind the layers of suffering

The address and directions will be provided in your booking confirmation email 
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CA Licensed Massage Therapist: #92379

Certified in Esalen Massage

Certification in Process: Ortho Bionomy

  • First time customer: feel free to a 15 minutes discovery call before arriving so we have more time on the table 

  • Consistency: prioritizing self care will help you stay ahead of life's curve balls and get more accomplished with ease and joy, schedule bi-weekly or monthly Bodywork with Grace 

  • Mindfulness = more ❤️ and good karma to you: Please come showered if you've been working out, fragrance free and reschedule if you're feeling sick. I have 92 year old customers too.

  • Referrals: Your referred get $30 off their first massage and YOU get 15 minutes more your next massage OR $30 off, you choose


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