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I'm Grace.

I believe we're all born with enormous potential, but somewhere along the line, unprocessed life experiences chipped away at our light, joy, and magic. I'm lucky yoga found me in 2000. The practice not only freed me from chronic back pain but also enabled me to perform well in stressful tech startups. When I experienced the simultaneous breakdown of my job, relationship, and home in 2013, yoga kept me away from Prozac, alcohol, and therapists. I became a voracious student, driven by the question of why yoga succeeded where many other PTSD treatments had failed. This quest led me to explore different lineages of yoga, breathwork, bodywork, meditation, spiritual teachings, and somatic healing modalities. Ultimately, all roads led back to our connection with our body and our breath: the gateway to healing, connection with our inner wisdom, managing life's curve balls, and achieving our goals and dreams.

I've been refining this connection to my body and breath for over a decade. This connection has allowed me to live vibrantly in my 50s. It has given me the courage to walk away from tech and into a path of service for folks who want to live more healthily and authentically on all levels.

With certifications in Yoga, Esalen & Therapeutic Massage, Breathwork, and more... my mission is to pay my blessings forward to help you relieve pain and anxiety, get coherence in your heart and mind, and rediscover your innate essence of light, joy, and magic. I firmly believe that in this space, dreams have the potential to come true -- you'll attract and thrive in loving relationships, live a purposeful, joyous life, do better work for the people you serve and treat the planet better.

Hope to see you soon, on my massage table, in a breathwork circle, on coaching calls, or at a self-renewal yoga retreat.


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