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Inner Journey Breathwork (First-timer)

Release stress, find peace, access altered states of consciousness

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 300 US dollars

Service Description

Are you feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, struggling to cope with the challenges of daily life? Perhaps you've experienced loss, rejection, or trauma, and even though you've tried to move on, you feel stuck. These negative experiences can leave a lasting impact on both your mind and body, making it difficult to materialize your goals and live the life of your dreams. But there is hope. Breathwork is a powerful modality that can help you process and release suppressed emotions, stories, and trauma that are stored in your body. By accessing a deeper level of consciousness, these journeys can help you gain clarity and perspective, and tap into your true potential. The results can be profound: "Hard to explain, it's like having 10 years of therapy. The best part is, I didn't have to say anything and re-traumatize myself." “It really helped me go inward versus looking to the outside for the answers" "I'm experiencing such profound peace and love, when can we do this again?" “I hadn't anticipated it would get me to the “psychedelics” places, truly a life-changing experience.” Book now to experience healing and transformation on a cellular level without drugs or medication. Allow me to be your guide to return you to your original essence and live a life with more health, love, joy, and peace. Your first private Breathwork session is 2.5 hours, subsequent journeys are 2 hours.

Session Location

  • 400 Baltic Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065, USA


Cancellation Policy

If you're feeling sick, please call or text to reschedule ASAP. Otherwise, please cancel or reschedule 48 hours in advance. Let's avoid penalties in the event your appointment slot cannot be backfilled.

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