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Sun, Jun 09


Redwood City, CA

Healing the Father Wound: Embracing Inner Strength and Resilience

Are you seeking to heal from the impact of a challenging father-child relationship and break free from patterns of self-doubt or people-pleasing? Do you want to cultivate a deeper sense of inner strength and resilience? Learn breathwork to experience emotional freedom and an empowered sense of self.

Healing the Father Wound: Embracing Inner Strength and Resilience
Healing the Father Wound: Embracing Inner Strength and Resilience

Time & Location

Jun 09, 2024, 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM PDT

Redwood City, CA, 299 Franklin St, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

About the event

The father-child relationship, whether present or absent, nurturing or challenging, leaves a profound imprint on our lives. During this sacred, judgment-free circle, you'll have the opportunity to explore and heal the pain stemming from a difficult father-child dynamic, process unresolved emotions, and rewrite your narrative around the impact of this crucial bond.

Through powerful conscious connected breathwork techniques that bypass the thinking mind, you'll access your body's innate wisdom, fostering deep emotional healing, self-forgiveness, and transformative insights. As you release feelings of unworthiness, resentment, abandonment, or yearning related to your father wound, you'll create space for self-acceptance, inner strength, and a renewed sense of personal power.

In this transformative journey of self-discovery, you'll have the chance to:

  • Acknowledge the complexities of the father-child relationship and find emotional freedom
  • Nurture your inner child and cultivate self-compassion
  • Honor the lessons and growth opportunities stemming from your unique experience
  • Embrace self-love and resilience as you navigate this healing path
  • Connect with a supportive community that understands and validates your journey

This breathwork circle provides a sacred container for healing and transformation, honoring your individual journey with the father-child bond.

Ready to liberate yourself from the emotional burden of your father wound? Join our growing community of heart-centered individuals harnessing the power of breath to transmute pain, awaken inner strength, and cultivate renewed self-love and resilience.

RSVP now and take a step towards the emotional freedom and empowerment you deserve.

To help your host build up the momentum for this offering, contribute back by:

  • Spreading the word and bringing friends
  • Donating $50 at the end (cash, Venmo, or PayPal accepted)
  • Sharing a positive review of your experience
  • Signing up for the next journey and inviting more friends to join

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